Our Tiny Home

Quad Slide Montana Fifth Wheel, Rear Fireplace & 42" Lift-Up TV, 3 Burner Range/Pantry/Refrig. Slideout, L-Shaped Counter w/Dbl. Kitchen Sink, Overhead Cabinets, Pantry, Step Up to Side Aisle Bath w/Garden Tub, Front Queen Bed Slide w/Nightstands, 6-Drawer Chest, Washer/Dryer Prep., Wardrobe and More.


2011 KeyStone Montana

The Hunt

The main reason we went for a Keystone Montana was the company’s reputation—not to mention the fact that when the kids jumped around and had a dance party, it was the one that shook the least! Our main goal was to find one with a large living room, washer and dryer hook-ups, a separate bathroom, and a large kitchen. We opted not to have a separate bunkhouse because it sacrificed the main living area. As it is, the kids now sleep in fold-out beds and clothes are stored under the dining-room table bench. We have plenty of storage and have had the luxury to remove a row of upper cabinets to maintain a more “open concept.” And, though the journey to purge such a vast number of hiding places/storage spaces was difficult at first, it’s become second nature—at this point—to slim down our possessions regularly into what’s truly essential. And while we still hold onto a few frivolous things here and there, we find ourselves bending and growing more and more toward becoming content with less. 


Brown, Tan and BEIGE

Seriously, why are most RVs brown, tan and beige?? Every wall reflects the same dark tone and makes me feel...like I’m camping :) Granted, I'm all for a good neutral, but c’mon!!

One of the first things we did when we began remodeling our rig was to rip out the carpet. It appeared to be in good shape, but once we peeled it back a bit, we could see the animal urine all over it—gross!! If you are looking to replace the carpet or remove it (DO IT!!), here are some tips

  1. Get a pair of Vice Grips:You will spend most of your time pulling out hundreds of staples, which is how the carpet adheres to the floor; without vice grips, you will struggle immensely.
  2. Prime the Floors: Weather you are putting down peel-n-stick vinyl, which is what we did, or carpet (which we did in the closet), it’s necessary to put down floor primer. It helps the flooring to stick and stops any moisture from coming up through the sub-floor. 
  3. Transition Trim on the Slides: This has been, by far, the trickiest part of the entire remodel. But, after three failed attempts with various products, we decided to go with aluminum carpet trim. We custom cut the nails, however, so they wouldn't scratch the flooring below when the slides come in. Overall, the product has held up well with the wear and tear of a family of 6, which is saying a lot!!




New floors, paint, bench, furniture, lighting and decor. 

Moana the Montana

Sanctuary: a place of refuge, safety, hideout, den, or shelter.

Creating a Sanctuary was my main goal for Tiny Living. Previously, we had never been in an RV and had only thought of RV life as one of a temporary home or vacation-style vehicle. However, in this new life, I wanted my kids to feel like they were home—I sought desperately to strip away the typical RV decor for a clean, warm and light-filled room. We started with a basic foundation of white walls, Grey Peel-n-Stick tile planks, and light-weight modern furniture. We changed out most of the lighting for Mid-Century Modern lights and brought in rich textures with blankets, plants, and bedding.  A fun bonus about going Tiny is the freedom you can have to change your mind. I couldn’t tell you how many pillows I brought into the space until I found the right one that made me feel like home. If you keep your focus clear, you will achieve the design you are looking for; it will take time—but be patient—to find just the right thing. I don't design for Instagram photos, or to get recognition—I design for me! I pick things that make me smile, giggle, or remind me of home