5 Truths I live by

It was 11pm and I was lying under our 15,000lb fifth wheel, covered in water because the underbelly was leaking from an unknown location. This was not the first time we had flooding and I'm sure it won't be the last...but there we were (my husband and I), laughing over the thought--"How did we willing choose this??" We had just returned from our 6 week trip down the coast and had officially decided to live full-time in our fifth wheel.  We had experienced too many failures to count and yet still we were drawn to this simple and free lifestyle. The quote, "Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul," rang true about our adventures. In my search for freedom, I had come to live by 5 truths:

1. Joy is a choice we have to make everyday.

Here we are at 11pm at night working in the underbelly of the RV.

Here we are at 11pm at night working in the underbelly of the RV.

2. Peace can be found in having and doing less.

3. Adventures come when we are willing to take risks.

4. Freedom is being willing to let go of anything that is tethering you down.

5. Contentment is found in loving yourself, others, and your surroundings. 


These five truths have taken a hacksaw to my soul. I have had to put everything on the table and reexamine it, question it and be willing to let it go if it didn't line up with my list. This is still a daily practice I do with myself, my children, and everything I put my time into. The best way for me to be successful at this practice is to slow down, take a walk, or spend time journaling out my thoughts, intentions and feelings. What practices do you have in your life to bring balance, peace and joy?? How do you intentionally connect with the world around you? Where do you find adventure?