Less is More (excerpt from Macaroni Kid)

Excerpt from Macaroni Kid.com

Let's start with a little introduction: my name is Ashley Auerbach, and my husband, Adam, and I have four incredible children--Delila (9), Kadence (7), Séamus (5) and Tristan (5).  We decided to make a major shift the summer of 2017, by selling 90% of what we owned and moving into a fifth wheel to travel and explore. This adventure has been a daily learning experience of letting go of material possessions, personal space and expectations as to what I thought our lives would look like after being married for 12 years. I'm excited to be partnering with Macaroni Kid to talk about the challenges, failures, victories and life lessons we have learned by jumping into the unknown, simplifying our lives, and creating more space for adventures. 


After a year of holding on to items we "thought" we needed...its bye, bye storage unit!! 

After a year of holding on to items we "thought" we needed...its bye, bye storage unit!! 

First, I'll let you in on a little secret--I hate camping, I'm not outdoorsy, and I don't even like the thought of being "one" with nature. So why in the heck would we move our family of six into a 350 sqft. fifth wheel with NO prior experience of driving, towing, poop-extracting or any basic knowledge in-order to be successful in RVing, full-time? The short answer is: I'm a naive dreamer who loves change, is desperate for adventure and believes failure is a terrible, but important, necessity in life. So, with Google at my finger tips, we gave our 30-day notice and started selling everything we owned. 


The most frequent question I now get is, "How did you get rid of everything?" Here are some simple rules of thumb that I live by when purging: 

1. If it doesn't bring you joy...chuck it!!

2. If you haven't used it in a year...can it!!

3. If you're saving it for the one time when you may need it....give it away!!

4. If it's a duplicate...donate it!

5. Limit sentimental items (We have one tub for each person, full of keepsakes).

6. Create a capsule wardrobe of items that currently fit you. I use the 333 Project for guidelines. 

7. Less is always MORE.

Many people don't realize the correlation between having peace inside and seeing peace and order in their homes. I strive to make my home a sanctuary and safe place for my family. If that means hanging my kids' artwork in the dining room instead of a piece of art I didn't love, or having only one set of dishes, that's the way it is. We had to take a hard look at our life, schedule and home to see if it matched what we desired for our family and future. We had to be willing to let go of our possessions, only to find peace, joy and freedom waiting for us on the other side. We are still in the process and have, by no means, figured it out, but we are willing to share our journey with you along the way!