Hi! We are the Auerbach Family. 

Dad, Adam, works in education and his passions include being an inspiration to others by supporting students and teachers within their crafts! He loves to encourage others and assist anyone he can; and, he’s a little bit of a baseball and Coffee fanatic!! ⚾️ ☕️

Mom, Ashley, is a stay-at-home mom who dabbles in Social Media Marketing, as well as Home Staging and Design. She runs on catch-phrases and coffee and her quote to live by is: 

“Take Chances, Make Mistakes and Get Messy,” 

-Ms. Frizzel, Magic School Bus. 

Delila Grace is the eldest daughter. Her favorite things about herself are her middle name, Grace, as well as singing and getting lost in her favorite books. She loves to be the mastermind behind new adventures and explorations too. 

Kadence Joy is the second-born and self-proclaimed heart and joy of the family. She enjoys reading to her brothers, and running and playing with her American Girl doll, Leah.

Seamus Michael is the 3rd in line and first-arriving twin. He is our resident bug collector and makes a friend wherever he goes. He eats non-stop, falls down 5 times a day, and lives for fun!

Tristan Rufus is the youngest. His passion is to innovate and create LEGO designs and save money for more LEGO’s. He is the helper of the family and will be the first one to get the mail, set the table, or clean up. 


Collect Moments

Not Things.